Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

After 2 older games i thought there is need for a newer game. So here i'm presenting Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions. In my eyes this game looks like it wants to compete with the 2009 released Batman: Arkham Asylum. And yeah, i think it does pretty well. The game is splitted into several stages where one destined spiderman has to complete some missions and finally knock out a final boss to finish it.

I finished the game about 1 month ago, and i really liked it. The main story isn't really good, but also not very important, it's about collecting pieces of an old artifact tablet that shattered and is spread in different dimensions.

The individual stages are really cool and you never get the feeling that the developers recycled other stages. During the game you get points for collecting spider-emblems, hidden spiders, good combo-moves and finishing missions fast. You can spend this points by choosing between better stats, new moves or new outfits for every spiderman.

Very cool outfits, nice combos and moves, awesome bosses. To make it short: Huge Nerdboner.

So if you haven't already played it: DO IT! If you liked Batman: Arkham Asylum, you will most probably like this one too. More of these awesome superhero-games!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Fantasy 7

The most beloved game i own. I played it for like 120 hours to explore the whole world, find secrets and hidden story elements.

It was released 1997 and was the first Final Fantasy using 3D graphics. Although the graphics were awesome this time, it wasn't the reason for its great success. The plot does all the work, not only because of many twists in it.

A few infos to the story:

Cloud Strife, ex-member of SOLDIER (the fighting force of Shinra) is now a mercenary and works for AVALANCHE (an organisation to damage Shinra). AVALANCHE tries to sabotage some reactors of Shinra and partially succeed with that plan. As the story progresses, another evil force is presented. It's Sephiroth himself, a first class SOLDIER, who also dedicates himself to destroy Shinra and also the planet.

Cloud has to face his strongest enemy and himself, disbeliefing who he really is.

Final Fantasy 7 is now obtainable through PSN for the PS3 and PSP. On the PS3 the graphics may be a little brutal, but on the PSP it is nice to play. Give it a try!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Baldurs Gate

Hi there, this is my first game review! It's Baldurs Gate i'm currently playing.
Well, i think anyone who is into RPGs knows this game. It is the first one build with the Infinity Engine and it uses AD&D rules.

A few years ago I bought Baldurs Gate II, but haven't played it too long, because i just wanted to get the full story in right order. So i started Baldurs Gate I, but after about 1 hour I was ganked so hard outside of Candle Keep, that i lost interest in it.

Now i started playing again, using the BGII Engine with the BG1Tutu project. And what can I say? It is awesome. The start was hard again, but after playing a few hours i can't wait to kill anything in my way just to get some more experience to level my party.

Just finished the Bandit Camp, and currently looking for the Cloakwood Forest.

If I managed to elicit some nostalgia tears, I would be pleased to receive some comments!

Hello everyone!

As you can see, this here is my new (and first) blog!

This blog is about computer games/video games. One part is playing some games - no matter how old they are, where the other part is about programming (preferred with C# and XNA).