Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LEGO Batman

Long time since last review... a lot of work combined with some kind of a cold and the common weariness. But i am back!

Today i'm reviewing LEGO Batman. I'm in love with the whole DC Universe (except Superman), especially Batman. Started with the animated tv show and went on with the first movies. (Can't even remember how often i've see Batman Forever) And i don't think i have to mention Batman Begins and The Dark Knight here, cause nearly everyone have already seen these two movies and likes them.

So one day i saw LEGO Batman (which was released already long time ago) and wasn't too expensive, so i just bought it for my nephew. I didn't expect very much, because games like LEGO Island were not really exciting, but this one blew my mind. Great gameplay, good graphics and a lot of funny elements (and all the dialogs without saying a single word) make this game awesome. And playing multiplayer makes even more fun.

So you start as Batman and Robin, who fight their way through all different criminals with every stage having an endboss. (The endbosses fled from Arkham and you have to get them back.) You have to fight the group of The Riddler, the group of The Penguin and the group of The Joker, all groups containing villians you know already if you're into Batman and his stories. You can even control the vehicles on land, in the water or in the air. A lot of costumes, characters, vehicles and cheats/fun elements are ready to unlock. After finishing 15 levels of being Batman, you gain access to another set of 15 levels for the villians. On some occasions you have to assemble Lego objects to proceed further in the level or cross obstacles. For Batman and Robin you get different suits to access different abilities, while the villians all have some special ability by themself. (e.g. extraordinary strength, ability to seduce enemies, gliding, ...)

And now i'm the one playing all the LEGO games, because - if you haven't already - they are defintely worth a look. (Newest release is LEGO - Pirates of the Caribbean. Played it already, and it is great)