Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dungeon Village

Today i want to present you "Dungeon Village" by Kairosoft. It's a game for Android (and most likely for iOS as well) with great PixelArt graphics.

Kairosoft has already thrown a few good games onto the AppStore (you may have heard of GameDev Story - a simulation of creating a computergames company), and i'm probably writing about some of them later. But now let's get to "Dungeon Village", which is currently causing some severe pain on my neck, because i can't stop gaming it.

So you start by giving your town and your first adventurer a name and after that is starts right into action. Every new option is nicely explained via in-game tutorial. The first adventurers start visiting your town to - as it's common in a RPG - buy some equipment, have a rest at the inn or simply do some quests to gain experience. But instead of having one character do this whole adventure-stuff, you are responsible for the town and therefore send the visitors to the monsters that threat your town.

These tasks are called Quests, and contain simple monster killing, exploring some dungeons or even defeating dragon bosses. While the adventurers do their job, you have to build up your town. You add new buildings, start events to allure new visitors and hand your visitors presents to convince them to build a house in your town.

The touch controlling is the main control of the game. There's an integrated menu and even a d-pad to make precise moves on the field. Zooming function provides great overview over your town.
This is no game with ultra high 3D graphics or an super compelling story. But nonetheless i can't stop playing it, because there is even another dungeon to explore, another adventurer to allure, another building to build.

This game is available in the Google Play Store, so be sure to get it. (There is a lite version too, i think..)

And now i'm switching back to my own little fantasy town.

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